Human Nature

Whether giving props or throwing shade, Jesus being God and man, knew not to take people too seriously because he understood their waveringly inconsistent nature. Better yet, Jesus understood that the only one that matters in life; to cling to, set expectations for, be hopeful of, trust in and depend on is God the father.


Even at the end, at the cross, Jesus was alone. His momma, home-girl and friend were also there weeping by his side. But not the disciples he led, masses he preached to or families he blessed and performed miracles for. In the flesh, it must have sucked to be abandoned in his darkest hour but I’m sure Jesus realized in the Spirit that God is all that matters, all he needed, and that His perfect will would be done.

This hits close to my heart because I have trust issues and often unrealistic expectations of others but God is working on me daily to become more gracious with man and more dependent on and expectant of Christ. I don’t understand everything in life that I go through but I know for certain that God has never let me down. He’s parted ways with past due friends, provided new friends and preserved true friends. So don’t be offended or discouraged if they love you today and hate you tomorrow. Keep loving and forgiving others while trusting God to see you through.

 Scripture Reference:


23 Now when He was in Jerusalem at the Passover feast, many believed in His name [identifying themselves with Him] after seeing His signs (attesting miracles) which He was doing. 24 But Jesus, for His part, did not entrust Himself to them, because He knew all people [and understood the [a]superficiality and fickleness of human nature], 25 and He did not need anyone to testify concerning man [and human nature], for He Himself knew what was in man [in their hearts-in the very core of their being]. John 2:23-25 (AMP)

-Brandon Edwards | Contributing Blogger