No Co-Pilot Allowed

  It’s really easy to obsess and overthink our problems. The scripture says that we should “cast our cares on God”. Meaning we should give it all (away) to Him. And walk away. And sleep well. And whistle a tune of freedom, peace, contentment, joy…but we don’t. I know I’ll sometimes pray and then think of a clapback to an argument, a logical solution to a challenge or dredge up angry bitter feelings immediately after and even embarrassingly in the midst of the actual prayer! Why? 

It’s almost as if I want to hold onto the stressful, conflicting feelings and experiences. Why do we as humans torture ourselves this way? Am I choosing against freedom or is this an issue of unbelief that God will actually “fix it”? Then I realized that I’ve been a co-pilot and backseat driver in my faith; mostly unintentionally and out of negligent human habit. If God got it, then I don’t want it! He is the alpha and the omega, the creator of ALL. The scripture says “He cares” …about us so that we may give our own cares away to Him. For good and forever. I came to God for a reason. He’s going to be God regardless so let me move out of His way. 

In wanting to get to my vacation, I don’t help the pilot fly the plane. No thanks, I’ll pass on that responsibility – the pilots got it! I pay my light bill so the utility company can provide our home with electricity. No thanks, I’ll pass on climbing ladders and fixing circuits – the technicians got it! God knows what you need and all that you care about. Hand it over and trust His perfect will to be done in the situation and your life.

Scripture Reference: “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7 NIV

-Brandon Edwards