Radical Manifestation

Happy New Year Faith Rockers,

Whether you had a stellar year full o­f achievement or can (at best) can only check off 365 days of survival, the success of the former is all a matter of perspective. While it feels great to have completed and published my first God-inspired book, in hindsight, the writing was the easy part. Looking ahead, I see another steep mountain to climb. 2018 will be all about sharing, engaging and promoting this work of which I poured my creative blood sweat and tears. To be honest, the next climb is giving me a paralyzing fear of heights. I say all of this to say I’m in need of radical faith to continue toward the mark of the prize of the high calling in Jesus. Join me this year in proclaiming the year of “radical manifestation”.

In the garden of life, we’ve been watering seeds of faith, uprooting sin, cultivating patience and now we’re looking for a measurable harvest. Many of us have experienced radicalfaith. We muster up the energy to create vision boards, and talk about our hopes and dreams with a reasonable amount of ease. In order not to loose heart and taste the fruits of our labor, it’s vital we cultivate radical obedience, perseverance and boldness.

The word radical is defined as (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. In other words, in order to see the complete, total, profound manifestation of God we must first continue the narrow path of obedience. In “Success in Celibacy” I talk about obedience being an integral aspect of a having a personal relationship with God. Obedience doesn’t require perfection. It is instead both repentant and a willingness to surrender. We must readily be willing to exchange our wants for the heart of God in seeking His will for our lives. We must allow ourselves to be sifted of sin and courageous enough to walk through fiery trials for the purpose of our purification.

Once we’ve ensured we’re walking in step with the Holy Spirit and denying ourselves to follow Him, it’s time to persevere and walk with radical boldness. Next week I’ll tell you how to walk with radical perseverance.

Until then, strive for obedience 🙂

-Your Faith Girl