Job 23:12

“I have not departed from the commandment of His lips; I have kept the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.”

Over the past year and into this new year I’ve been on a super-scientific quest for better health and nutrition. Meal plans? Check! Gym classes and boot camp? Signed up! Metrics to track weekly data and monitor progress? Queue the Excel spreadsheet!

Most of us want to look good, feel good and actually BE good. Unfortunately, this is closely tied into what kind of food and how much of it we eat. Humans celebrate and share love together over food. Most of the major holidays I know, including MY birthday (cake), have a food element attached: Valentine’s Day dessert, St. Patrick’s Day libation, Easter Sunday Dinner, Mother’s Day Brunch, 4th of July BBQ…and that’s ONLY the first half of the year to kickoff summer!

What I love about this passage from Job is that he has his priorities in check, no matter the circumstance. There’s no emotional bingeing or celebratory shots here…the Word of God is optimal to Job. Whether three square meals or a food pyramid, Job says his nourishment, health and survival don’t only come from God but are the Word of God. Wow!

Anytime I’ve ever fasted for God, a calm peace of heart and spirit as well as a clear and focused mind came over me. Its a powerful experience and I encourage you to turn over your plate in prayer and fasting for God. Maybe it’s giving up a favorite snack or meal for an entire day or week; making the sacrifice to God for His Word to fill you and commandments to guide you is essential for a healthy and free life.

-Brandon Edwards
Contributing Blogger