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Shea was born and raised in Richmond, VA. As a teenager, she began her career in Entertainment as a panelist on the BET show, “Teen Summit”. With an affinity for the arts, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Howard University, studied classical theater at Oxford University and earned a Master of Fine Arts from UCLA. In 2009, she answered the call to ministry and was ordained a minister and Reverend at the First Baptist Church of Venice, in California.

Shea Scott Edwards is on a global mission to help heal and empower the masses – particularly women, innovators, entrepreneurs and artists – through the power of Christ. Shea is  living an intentional life of transparency to glorify God through her trials and triumphs.

Be Encouraged Words of Encouragement for your Daily Grind

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We exist to inspire the world to embrace faith in Jesus Christ by incorporating faith into all aspects of life. Rock Your Faith!